Health & Med Tech

Mauri tū, mauri ora

A vibrant soul is a healthy soul

Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences is home to world-renowned researchers across disciplines ranging from drug development to medical technologies to healthy ageing.

Transdisciplinary research centres include , and the . UniServices operates the , which offers imaging for research and clinical purposes.

National or international networks headquartered at the University include the , , and the .

UniServices-backed companies in this space include , which makes a non-invasive tool to diagnose gut dysfunction; , which integrates sensors with AI to analyse knee performance and movement; , which aims to develop immunotherapy to help patients’ immune systems destroy cancer cells; and , which uses retinal images and AI to screen for preventable blindness and cardiovascular disease risk.

Research Advancement Contacts

Kelvin Keh

Director, Strategic Growth – Health

Kelvin has been with UniServices since 2008 and leads the health team initiatives. His background is in biotech. He lived and worked in Asia, North America and Europe before returning to New Zealand. Contact about: Pursuing public and private sector interests in health.

Hope Harding

Business Development Manager – Health Technologies

Hope has been with UniServices in various roles since completing her studies in 2016. She holds a BSc in Biomedical Science and a Master of Bioscience Enterprise. Contact about: Research on health technologies, including bioengineering, devices and digital applications.

Kerryn Kilkenny

Business Development Manager – Future Therapies

More about Kerryn

Kerryn has been a UniServices business development manager since 2018, joining from publisher SpringerNature, where she held commercial and product management roles in New Zealand, England and Australia. With an MSc in Pharmacology and Physiology, she has an interest in drug development. Contact about: Research in infectious diseases and neuroscience.

Lucy McDowell

Business Development Manager – Women’s Health

More about Lucy

Lucy is a UniServices business development manager with a focus on women’s health research. She is eager to assist with research development, partnerships and funding opportunities that deliver impact locally and globally. Her previous expertise has been in the surgical product industry. Contact about: Women’s health research.

Anisoara Nicol

Business Development Manager – Healthy Ageing

More about Ani

Anisoara is a business development manager focusing on health, particularly healthy ageing. She has a PhD in sleep-wake cycles and circadian rhythms. Contact about: Research and consulting in ageing, including older people’s health, vision, hearing, heart health, neurodegeneration and cancer.

Stacey Strang

Business Development Manager – Mental Health and Behaviour Change

Stacey has been with UniServices since 2020 and is a business development manager with a focus on mental health and behaviour change. She previously worked as a health funder and has a Master of Public Health. Contact about: Research in mental health or behaviour change.

Investment & Commercialisation Contacts

Pau Medrano

Investment Director – Biotechnology

More about Pau

Pau is a mathematician and bioengineer by training, with a background in research and international business development. He manages the BioMedTech team, with a portfolio of 20+ companies, and is a manager of the University of ƵInventors' Fund. Contact about: investing in disruptive BioMed technologies.

Kimberlee Jordan

Senior Investment Manager – Pharma and Biotech

Kimberlee has been with UniServices since 2019. She has a PhD in Kinesiology from Penn State and was a human movement scientist for eight years before pivoting to a career in biotechnology. Contact about: Investment in biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals.

Kent Lee

Senior Investment Manager – Med Tech

Kent joined UniServices in 2010 and focuses on investment in medical technologies. He has been a contracts manager and a business manager for health and medicine. He holds a degree in medical biochemistry and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. Contact about: Investing in medical technologies.

Aran Sisley

Investment Manager – Biotech and Pharma

Aran is an investment manager for the University of ƵInventors’ Fund. He has previously worked as a commercialisation analyst, postdoctoral scientist, project manager and sculptor. He has a PhD in ocular lens physiology and a Master of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship. Contact about: Commercialising or investing in biotech, pharmaceuticals, agritech.