Agriculture & Food

He kai kei aku ringa

There is food at the end of my hands

Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Ƶresearchers have developed ways to improve cattle reproduction, train orchard staff to prune grapevines using virtual reality and teach calves to use a ‘urinal’ to reduce water contamination and greenhouse gas emissions.

The University hosts multi-institutional projects including the and , which is bringing data and automation to orchards and vineyards.

UniServices has worked with the University’s to spin out , which developed a method to sort bull sperm, and , which originally aimed to help farmers time artificial insemination. and are among the start-ups founded by students or alumni, while Nuka was founded by faculty members.

Agriculture & Food Contacts

Analeise Murahidy

Director, Strategic Growth – Science, Engineering and Bioengineering

More about Analeise

Analeise has been with UniServices since 2009. She has held contract management, operations and business development roles within the tertiary sector in the UK and New Zealand. Contact about: New research opportunities in areas relating to environment and cleantech; agriculture and food; digital tech and automation; and health technologies.

Pau Medrano

Investment Director – Biotechnology

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Pau is a mathematician and bioengineer by training, with a background in research and international business development. He manages the BioMedTech team, with a portfolio of 20+ companies, and is a manager of the University of ƵInventors' Fund. Contact about: investing in disruptive BioMed technologies.

Aran Sisley

Investment Manager – Biotech and Pharma

Aran is an investment manager for the University of ƵInventors’ Fund. He has previously worked as a commercialisation analyst, postdoctoral scientist, project manager and sculptor. He has a PhD in ocular lens physiology and a Master of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship. Contact about: Commercialising or investing in biotech, pharmaceuticals, agritech.