Public Health & Social Policy

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata! He tāngata! He tāngata!

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people! It is people! It is people!

UniServices works to build a healthier, safer and more equitable society for all. This is particularly apparent in our public health and social policy work, whether we’re training vaccinators, using technology to empower people to take control of their health, working with governments on policies to discourage smoking or supporting staff who work in child and youth mental health.

We work with the to advance community health research and with groups such as the and the to advance social development research.

The is on the cutting edge of public health. The trains and provides resources to vaccinators. builds the capacity of the child and youth mental health sector. produces insights about a large and diverse cohort of children. The provides research and information on family, whānau and sexual violence.

Public Health & Social Policy Contacts

Kelvin Keh

Director, Strategic Growth – Health

Kelvin has been with UniServices since 2008 and leads the health team initiatives. His background is in biotech. He lived and worked in Asia, North America and Europe before returning to New Zealand. Contact about: Pursuing public and private sector interests in health.

Pedro van der Ent

Business Development Director – Pacific, Creative Arts, Arts, Business, Law, Education

More about Pedro

Pedro joined UniServices in August 2022. Of Samoan and Dutch descent, he holds an MBA and has 20+ years in business management, sales and client relationships. Contact about: Funding opportunities in creative arts, arts, business, law, education and areas involving Pacific people in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Region.

Simon Crook

Business Development Manager – Business Innovation, Justice and Social Resilience

Simon is a UniServices business development manager who is able to assist with a wide array of research-related queries across the Business, Law and Arts faculties. Contact about: Connecting to research related to business innovation, social justice, and crisis and disaster resilience.

Kerryn Kilkenny

Business Development Manager – Future Therapies

More about Kerryn

Kerryn has been a UniServices business development manager since 2018, joining from publisher SpringerNature, where she held commercial and product management roles in New Zealand, England and Australia. With an MSc in Pharmacology and Physiology, she has an interest in drug development. Contact about: Research in infectious diseases and neuroscience.

Lucy McDowell

Business Development Manager – Women’s Health

More about Lucy

Lucy is a UniServices business development manager with a focus on women’s health research. She is eager to assist with research development, partnerships and funding opportunities that deliver impact locally and globally. Her previous expertise has been in the surgical product industry. Contact about: Women’s health research.

Natasha Gill

Commercial Development Director – Business Units

Natasha leads commercial development for a portfolio of services and projects that translate cutting-edge knowledge into impact across health, education and public policy. She has supported various organisations through start-up, growth and transformation stages. Her background is in finance and information systems. Contact about: Applying research for social impact.

Anisoara Nicol

Business Development Manager – Healthy Ageing

More about Ani

Anisoara is a business development manager focusing on health, particularly healthy ageing. She has a PhD in sleep-wake cycles and circadian rhythms. Contact about: Research and consulting in ageing, including older people’s health, vision, hearing, heart health, neurodegeneration and cancer.

Stacey Strang

Business Development Manager – Mental Health and Behaviour Change

Stacey has been with UniServices since 2020 and is a business development manager with a focus on mental health and behaviour change. She previously worked as a health funder and has a Master of Public Health. Contact about: Research in mental health or behaviour change.

Services and Projects Contacts

Global Vaccine Data Network

Judith Hammond

Programme Manager – Global Vaccine Data Network

Growing Up in New Zealand

Tofa Ramanlal

Programme Director

Immunisation Advisory Centre

Loretta Roberts

National Director

Nikki Turner

Medical Director

National Institute for Health Innovation

Chris Bullen

Academic Director

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

Charlotte Moore



Abigail Milnes